About the Isseroff Lab's Polaris Platform

Welcome to the Isseroff Lab's Polaris platform! Here, we invite you to learn about our research on skin wound healing and more by browsing our news, publications and researchers’ profiles. See what we do and get in touch!

All of the Isseroff Lab's research is now accessible online!

Find out how you can use this Polaris platform:


• Explore our research that cuts across disciplines: Browse our scientific publications

Get to know our scientists. View their profiles and get in touch

• Follow our news: Read the latest stories about the Isseroff Lab's research



• Remember to add your new publications!

• Update your profile

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For platform administrators, you have a host of analytical and management features at your disposal.


Increase accessibility and dissemination of research

What are the goals of this Polaris platform?

This Polaris platform is a tool providing the Isseroff Lab with an easy way to promote its members and research results, and to connect the scientific community, industry and the general public with its latest research output. The lab also gains insight into the impact of its community's research.

Increase Dissemination & Access

• An institutional portal integrated into the MyScienceWork.com comprehensive platform for scientists

• Increase dissemination of and access to research output

• Attract more visibility for researchers


A Public Database

• Access research publications

• See profiles of members and get in touch with these experts

• Search for a specific author or publication


Post News & Organize Events

• Post announcements and news about the latest research results

• Organize events, manage registrations and send reminders


Understand Your Impact

• A dashboard with metrics helps administrators understand the impact and visibility of your research


Boost Your Science Communication

• Communication services provided by MyScienceWork's science journalists (popular science news stories, researcher interviews, videos about your latest findings...)

• Content is published on your Polaris platform and disseminated across all major social media and to other news outlets.


Get in touch!

If you’d like to know more about this platform or about Polaris and MyScienceWork's communication services, please write to us at [email protected].